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Just a simple leafless tree against a dark cloudy sky. Most people love autumn for the beautiful, vibrant colors of the foliage, I find find the look of a tree after it has shed its leaves to be equally beautiful in its own way.


naked tree against dark cloudy sky

Franklin reads the news

November 29, 2006

Franklin reads the news

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This little guy is my Mom’s kitten Franklin. He is the best model a photographer could hope for. I swear he knows he is having his picture taken because he starts hamming it up and posing for me.

This was shot in color and converted to B&W using Photoshops channel mixer.

blur scape

November 28, 2006


blur scape copy.jpg

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This was taken at Pennypack. A park were I frequently shoot. I got this effect using a slow shutter speed than quickly panning the camera after firing the shutter. 99% of the time the results are garbage, but every once in a while I get something kind of cool.