Light Water Motion

August 12, 2008

Light Water Motion

Originally uploaded by briphi

2 Responses to “Light Water Motion”

  1. EmilyWilliamson Says:

    I have come across your name on several different websites about digital infrared photography. I am using a Canon Rebel XTI. Reviews are not looking so great for the camera. Could you please tell me what filters you use for your camera (ie. Hoya R72?) and whatv lenses. Do you have any problems with hot spots? I have been using Photoshop CS since its debut and love it, but can’t seem to get the same results. Any suggestions would be SO GREATLY APPRECIATED!!!! Ty, Emily Williamson

  2. Random T. Says:

    My fellow on Facebook shared this link with me and I’m not dissapointed that I came here.

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